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We’re dreamers, hustlers, and builders who have come together to build a new space for social hustling.


Arthur Wang

Arthur Wang is an entrepreneur & executive with deep roots in media + entertainment, digital marketing, advertising. Before Fud, he was the COO and founding CMO of Super Deluxe, GM of Audience Development at CBS Interactive, Senior Product Manager at Oracle and finance executive at Mellon Ventures, CIBC World Markets, and Jefferies.

Product Design


Fan is an expert in consumer facing mobile applications with a focus in live streaming, real-time engagement, and community building.

Head of Technology

Rainy Xiao

Over 20 years of experience, including live streaming social applications, blockchain, online games, big data, and communications service.

Brand Ambassador

Marie Ponzi

Marie is a student at USC with a passion in marketing and brand building. Marie will be advocating for the freelancing community and making sure they find success in Fud!

Brand Ambassador

Daniele Ricciardelli

Daniele is a reseller that is always thinking of ways to find profitable opportunities. From sneakers to GPUs, Daniele finds a way to earn!


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