Our Core Pillars

Our mission is to empower everyone to succeed with their own side hustles. We strive to support both new and experienced hustlers in elevating their hustles by building a community that shares know-how.


We want to be a safe space for individuals at any stage of hustling, where anyone can pursue the hustles that matter most to them.

We prioritize taking action. We care that your know-how is applied directly to your hustles, and that you are actively making money through learning.


To help everyone elevate their side hustle by creating the platform and inclusive community so that people can grow and take action. 


what we're about

what are fud's origin stories?

Aside from being friends, Arthur and Thomas are connected as side hustlers. Arthur paid for his first car using his sporting cards collection, and he rediscovered his passion for collecting through buying and selling sneakers and other drip. Thomas has always had a passion for furniture and held the first 24 hour garage sale in his hometown of Rochester, NY which was covered by local news. He’s sharpened his passion by continuing to collect + sell vintage furniture and antiques in-person and online. The future of work is here and Arthur and Thomas are combining their business and entertainment backgrounds to help the next generation of side hustlers.

who are the founders?

Arthur is an entrepreneur with deep roots in media + entertainment, digital marketing + advertising and consumer Internet. Prior to starting Fud, he was the COO and founding CMO of Super Deluxe; General Manager of Audience Development at CBS Interactive; and founder of SimplyFinance. He was also a Senior Product Manager at Oracle and finance executive at Mellon Ventures, CIBC World Markets and Jefferies.

Thomas is an entertainment & content executive with a deep connection to global culture, live streaming and commercial monetization. Prior to starting Fud, he was Head of Sales & Content Partnerships at Super Deluxe and Global Category Strategy Lead at VICE Media. He was also an ad sales executive at Autodesk’s Global consumer group, 1&1 and Sourceforge.

what is fud all about?

Hustling is about developing 1) know-how and 2) relationships. Fud partners with top content creators to give you the know-how and the community, so that you can take action to learn, collaborate, and grow your own hustle.