Reseller - Fashion

$1,100 per month

Job Description:

Pursue your passion and turn your hobby into a $$$ making business. Earn extra income by starting your reselling business today.


* Learn important lessons, tips and best practices from other resellers
* Know the latest tools to help you succeed as a reseller
* Be part of a community of like minded and hard working solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.
* Learn how to earn extra money to pay expenses, make additional purchases, save/invest, or reduce your debt


    * Self-motivated and entrepreneurial
    * Have an eye for fashion and have strong decision making ad analytical skills to make good purchasing decisions
    * Proficiency in creating ads and using digital marketing tools
    * Organization skills and negotiation skills
    * Strong Communication and Interpersonal skill


    * Discover the latest fashion trends, lifestyle insights, buying patterns, and demographics of the relevant target market.
    * Search for the best places to get fashion apparel
    * Carefully select products and analyze the quality, price and profitability of the items
    * Create appealing ads and leverage social media and other sites to sell your products
    * Use best practices to package and ship your products.

      Fud, Inc. Date Posted: 2022-11-01 Valid Through: 2023-01-31

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