Fitness Instructor (Remote)


Job Description:

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Earn extra income by providing health and fitness services while helping others achieve their goals. Join Fud, the world’s first social hustling community. Fud helps people connect with like-minded individuals and gain knowledge of the latest trends and in-demand side hustles. Some of our top earners are students, stay-at-home moms, people in retirement, and freelance workers. It costs nothing and is easy to join. Create a Fud account for free and start hustling!


* Time and location flexibility (set your own hours)
* Work-life balance
* Fun work environment with lots of relationship building
* Pursue your interests and passions


    * Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
    * Relevant certification, accreditation and expertise
    * Has good organization skills and time management skills.
    * Professional and physically fit appearance
    * Supportive, positive and empathetic to the client's needs.


    * Conduct an initial assessment of requirements of clients
    * Develop fitness programs and classes that fits your style
    * Adapt routines and programs for clients' fitness level
    * Motivate and support clients reach to their fitness goals
    * Ensure safety of clients during the sessions.

      Fud, Inc. Date Posted: 2022-11-01 Valid Through: 2023-01-31

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