Fitness Instructor (Remote)

$1,100 per month

Job Description:

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Earn extra income by providing health and fitness services while helping others achieve their goals.


* Time and location flexibility (set your own hours)
* Work-life balance
* Fun work environment with lots of relationship building
* Pursue your interests and passions


    * Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
    * Relevant certification, accreditation and expertise
    * Has good organization skills and time management skills.
    * Professional and physically fit appearance
    * Supportive, positive and empathetic to the client's needs.


    * Conduct an initial assessment of requirements of clients
    * Develop fitness programs and classes that fits your style
    * Adapt routines and programs for clients' fitness level
    * Motivate and support clients reach to their fitness goals
    * Ensure safety of clients during the sessions.

      Fud, Inc. Date Posted: 2022-11-01 Valid Through: 2023-01-31

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