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Job Description:

Pursue your passion and turn your hobby into a $$$ making business. Get to know more about the topics/people that interests you and share your insights with others while earning money. Join the 70M Americans with a side hustle that are earning over $1,100 per month in income spending between 11-16 hours a week. Join Fud, the world’s first social hustling community. Fud helps people connect with like-minded individuals and gain knowledge of the latest trends and in-demand side hustles. Some of our top earners are students, stay-at-home moms, people in retirement, and freelance workers. It costs nothing and is easy to join. Create a Fud account for free and start hustling!


* Work from anywhere and set your own hours
* Pursue your interests and passions
* Be Your Own Boss
* Earn extra money to pay expenses, make additional purchases, save/invest, or reduce your debt


    * Curiosity and willingness to learn
    * Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
    * Good interviewing skills and is an engaging conversationalist
    * Ability to work collaboratively on content
    * Knowledgeable in a latest trends and issues relevant to the audience


    * Develop story for the podcast
    * Collaborate with partners and guests on content
    * Record content
    * Research and fact-check
    * Package, produce and publish the podcast

      Fud, Inc. Date Posted: 2022-11-01 Valid Through: 2023-03-01

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